The BLOOM Centre is a leader in applied resource solutions, with 20 years of success in breaking new ground. As a trusted third party, we bring together and align diverse interests to move industries towards more sustainable growth.

At BLOOM, we embrace a sector-focused, collaborative approach. Starting with an evidence-based investigation of the current market landscape, we identify risks, needs and opportunities. We dispel myths, opinions and behaviours that trap sectors in a costly cycle of inefficient resource management.

Collaborating with industry, service providers, government agencies, and other key participants, we then build a foundation for change and the conditions for success. We do this by increasing awareness of the issues, the solutions and the implementation paths, and developing products in plain language that are practical and actionable.

The result is a better-connected and more informed sector, where the participants are equipped with the know-how, tools and support, to improve resource use and business performance.

Our work in the wine industry is illustrative of our sector-focused approach, collaborating with a diverse range of organizations to make sustainable water use a reality across Ontario’s wine industry.

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This project is supported through Growing Forward 2,
a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


BLOOM Water's Next Award 2015